11 Mar 2015

S.B.I. internet Banking Video


નેટ બેંકીંગ કેવી રીતે ચાલુ કરાય?

Step 1 : Go TO Your Bank Branch & Form Bharo Net Banking mate ( Form Bharti vakhte j Kahevu k " Transiction Rights" Joiye 6e,nahitar Farivar Dhakko Thashe.

Step 2 : 10-15 Divase Ghare Password Aavshe (By Post)

Step 3 : Set User Name, Log in Password & Profile Password

Step 4 : Add Beneficiary for Fund Transfer (Add karya pachhi 4 hour Bad Any Time Pay Transfer kari Shako)

Step 5 : View Summary & Statement, Download Account Statement

Create Fixed Deposit Account, Open Recurring Account

  2 How To Book Train Ticket -

Video Download karva mate
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